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A Sexy Surprise From Professor Peach

She's missed you and wants to see your gorgeous face nestled between her thighs again. #cunnilingus #teacher/student sex #blowjob #more teacher/student sex #can'tgetenoughofyou

teacher/student 18+, blowjob, sex

Mark Me With Your Cum JOI

I have been dreaming of you marking me with your tasty salty treat. #dirtygirl #JOI

JOI, Cum Worship

The Massage Therapist 2

Your second appointment with me is even hotter than the first

prostate massage, prostate milking, blowjob, handjob, cowgirl

The Massage Therapist 1

You're in for a very special kind of massage...❤️🍑😁

Prostate Massage, Blowjob, Massage Therapist, Prostate Orgasm

Milking My Good Boy

It's time to reward my good little slut

Good boy, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Loving Fdom, Kitchen Sex

The Hair Stylist Series

This two part series features two very naughty, highly erotic hair stylists that will stop at nothing to give you the most pleasure during your appointments. (Store Only)

Threesome, Oral Pleasure, Erotic Series, Salon Sex

Good Boy JOI

A bit teasing, a bit wicked and a bit filthy...all in the name of pleasing your Mistress Peach. (Store Only)

JOI, Mistress Peach, Erotica

Be a Good Boy for Your Mistress

Think you deserve to be my good boy? Well, let's tie you up and find out shall we? (Store Only)

Mistress Peach, Good Boy, Erotica, Loving Fdom, Bound

Twin Peach~The Competition

The twins are back! Peach and Plum want you to decide who can fuck you better. It's a tough spot to be in but SOMEONE has to do it! #oralworship #cowgirl #threesome #wetsounds

Threesome, Oral Pleasure, Cowgirl, 2 Girls/One You, Wet Sounds

The Lingerie Shoppe

In helping you to decide what to buy for your girlfriend, the sales girl wants to give you a private show.

Primal, Oral Pleasure, Dressing Room Sex

Slippery Bath Time

Care to get a little sudsy with me? I promise I can be clean & dirty at the same time

Bath, Oral Pleasure, Breast Play

Thank You for Being So Good to Me

I lovingly (and thoroughly) show you my appreciation for you taking care of me after a rough week.

Oral Pleasure, Gratitude, Girlfriend Roleplay, Cowgirl

Take It Slow (Mistress Peach)

I said take it slow...not easy. 😉 #JOI #Edging #LightFdom #DirtyTalk #MistressPeac

JOI, Edging, Loving Fdom, Dirty Talk, Mistress Peach

We Both Want It

Because I love nothing more than giving you the same pleasure you give me

Oral Pleasure, Ball Worship, Girlfriend Roleplay

In Deep Parts 1 & 2

I decide to surprise you at work with some much needed lip service. Hopefully a few of you will be naughty for me and listen to this at work!
Part 2: You decide to return the favour and visit me at my studio

Oral Pleasure, Cunnilingus, Office Sex

Just Because...

Attempting to surprise you with an evening of 'legendary' seduction👠...or not.

#seduction #slightlyhumorous #ballworship #oralworship #sex #sweet #orgasmtogether

Seduction, Humourous, Ball Worship, Oral Pleasure, Girlfriend Roleplay, Orgasm Together

You. Belong. To. Me.

The moment you walked into the café and ordered coffee from me, I knew you were destined to be mine. I just had to give you a little push to make you see it too. #loving and obsessed #nonviolent yandere

Loving/Obsessed, Nonviolent Yandere, Tied Up, Oral Pleasure

Professor Peach Tutors You

Private tutoring for another one of your classes pays off in more ways than one.

Oral Pleasure Both Ways, Teacher/Student, Bent Over Desk Sex

Your Ex's Bestie

When you show up at a new bar you find your ex's best friend is the bartender. You think this night couldn't get any worse, until she shows you she wants to serve you more than just drinks.

Oral Pleasure, Primal, Grinding, Friends to Loves, Bar Sex

Your Personal Trainer 1 & 2

I've been training you for 6 months and it's time to reward you for never missing a session. #primal #assplay #cowgirl #thoseohsosexysounds

Primal, Ass Play, Gym Sex, Wet Sounds, Anal, Oral Worship

The Barista Parts 1 & 2

I do my best to make my favourite customer feel better after a bad date. ✨Patreon Favourite✨

hot, sexy, oral pleasure both ways, delicious sex

The Yoga Instructor

During your first yoga class, I see you struggling with the poses. I offer to give you a private lesson after class to help you learn a few new 'poses'.

Erotica, Positive Body Image, Yoga Sex, Oral Pleasure

I Wear This Dress For You

In public, it looks like we’re just hugging, but secretly you’re exploring the wetness between my legs. Indoors, I wear it so I can bend over & reveal the curve of my cheeks, as you slip your cock inside my sweet, wet cunt. #cunnilingus #anal #fingering

Anal, Cunnilingus, Fingering

Office Rendezvous

Your girlfriend offers to "play" secretary when I visit you at work.

Oral Pleasure, Desk Sex, Anal, Creampie, Teasing, Girlfriend Roleplay

Under The Table

She wickedly tortures you under the table in the restaurant after you tortured her at the office.

Hand Job, Restaurant, Public, Teasing, Cum Play, Milking

She's Feeling Dommy

I know you've had a hard day and you have been such a good boy lately. I think its time for a treat. #girlfriend #love #lightdom #femdom #handjob #cowboy/cowgirl #creampie #oralworship

Creampie, Loving Fdom, Girlfriend Roleplay, Hand Job, Cowboy/Cowgirl, Oral Pleasure

Winter Retreat

I surprise you with a much needed getaway where I plan to do deliciously filthy things to you. #oralworship #wetsounds #morewetsounds #titfuck #fingering #cracklingfire

Oral Pleasure, Wet Sounds, More Wet Sounds, Tit Fuck, Fingering, Romantic, Crackling Fire Sounds

SweetPeach Erotic Meditation & JOI

SweetPeach is a combination of the loving SweetWhispers and the eroticism of Peach creating a truly relaxing sensual experience with no pressure to finish. It's about truly taking the pleasure in the moment.

Sensual, Relaxing, JOI, Cock Worship, Loving

Peach Guides You JOI

Counting down as we work together to relax you and bring you to a gorgeous climax Working together to relax you and count you down to a gorgeous climax.

Loving, Oral Pleasure, Cock Love, Positive Body Image, Aftercare

Wet For You

Lying in bed, playing with myself while fantasize all of the gorgeous filthy things you do to me. #wetsounds #oralsounds #dirtytalk #cockworship

Cock Worship, Dirty Talk, Wet Sounds, Oral Pleasure, Masturbation

The New Neighbour

She will leave you breathless...

Oral Pleasure, Younger Woman, Older Man

Your Onscreen Debut

The hot PA shows you around the set and helps with your pre-shoot nerves. #fluffer #oralworship #rimming #deepthroating

Oral Pleasure, Rimming, Deep Throating, Encouragement

Turning Tables

You finally allow me to use the strap on you bought me so long ago #assplay #filthytalk #lustingforit #loving #anal #pegging

Anal, Ass Play, Pegging, Dirty Talk, Loving

Fap For Me

Oh baby, go easy on him! Here, let's do this together using our hands and my mouth.

JOI, Oral Pleasure

Sex With The Ex

Seeing you again reminds me how undeniably good the sex was and how badly I want it again, even if I try to resist. #primal #oralworship #tablesex #facefucking

Primal, Oral Pleasure, Facefking, Table Sex, No One As Good As You

Do You Know What I Love to Do to You?

Kissing you, loving you, looking into your eyes and mmmmm, fucking you...#sensual #loving #dirtytalk #lotusposition #intimate

Sensual, Loving, Dirty Talk, Intimate

Sexy Shy Boy

You rush out of a party after we've been chatting because you're caught up in those negative thoughts of rejection. Well, sexy shy boy, there's no need to worry with me. #oralworship #improv #friends-ishtolovers #sensual

Oral Pleasure, Improv, Friends-ish to Lovers, Sensual, Sexy

Baby, I Need to Fuck You

Can't sleep, baby. I need to ride you. #oralworship #analplay #daddy #cunnilingus #eroticasmr #3Daudio

Anal Play, Cunnilingus, Oral Pleasure, Daddy, Erotic ASMR

The Head Librarian

She offers a deliciously sexy solution to paying off those late fees.

Oral Pleasure, Flirty Fdom, Facefk, Cunnilingus, Deep Throat, Desk Sex

Room Service

Can I also get a side of your cum, please? #flirtyfdom #cunnilingus #oralpleasure #assworship #cumplay #anal #dirty talk

Flirt, Light Fdom, Cunnilingus, Ass Worship, Oral Pleasure, Anal, Dirty Talk

Wordless ASMR

I know many of you loved when I created the Oral Worship Wordless ASMR. There's times you want to make your own story or just want those delicious sounds. You can make this anything you want😍 #puresex #cunnilingus #cowgirl #oralworship #doggystyle #sensual #passionate

Erotic ASMR, Wordless, Oral Pleasure, Cunnilingus, Doggystyle

Wordless Oral Pleasure ASMR

I get that sometimes you just want the experience and not the story.

No words, just delicious sounds to build your own fantasy with. 😘 #blowjob #3D Audio

Erotic ASMR, Oral Pleasure

You Are My Gorgeous Sexy Beast

The sexiest sight after a long day is coming home to find you having a shower. So sexy, so sudsy, mmmmm....I think I might have to join you.

Breast play, Oral Pleasure, Shower Sex, Anal

Study Break

When the pressure of final exams starts to consume you, I take you into the bedroom for a much needed escape.

Erotic ASMR, Sensual, Oral Pleasure, Cowgirl

The Super Hero & The Super Villain

The superhero and the villain. The world thinks we hate each other. If only they knew. #dontkeepmewaiting #oralworshipbothways #goodboy #wallsex #lbomb

Oral Pleasure, Erotica, Passionate Sex, Superhero/Villain

HFO Training with Dr. Peach

Dr. Peach leads you into a gorgeous relaxation and equally gorgeous release #oralworship #erotichypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis, Oral Pleasure

Succubus HFO

She's baaaaaack...and she knows exactly how to get what she wants from you. Can you resist her?

Succubus Erotica, HFO Training

Wet Dream HFO

Erotic Hypnosis to bring your favourite fantasy to mind as you listen, and I will take you deeper into it than you've ever been able to go before. This entire session is whispered and meant to listen during sleep.

Erotic Hypnosis, HFO

The Ex-Girlfriend

Not yours. Mine. And she's come to play.

Erotica, Lesbian, Former Lover

Principal Peach & The School of Sex 3 Part Series

The sexy principal Peach goes on many erotic adventures as she trains her students to be the best they can be in the erotic world

Erotic Series, Loving Fdom, Threesome, Girl on Girl, Older Woman/Younger Man

Soothing You After a Nightmare

Using my healing hands to soothe you into a gentle orgasm after you have a nightmare

Hand job, Sweet Girlfriend Roleplay

The Resort 4 Part Series

This gorgeously sexy series introduces a stunning slightly older woman caught skinny dipping in the resort pool by a young man on holiday with his family

Erotica, MILF, Erotic Playtime, Erotic Affair on Family Holiday

S.E.X.I 2

She decides to surprise you on your birthday and take your relationship a step further by creating a human form for herself. #surprise #wholesometosexy #handjob #oralworship #lbombs #daddy #AI Fantasy

SciFi Erotica, Handjob, Oral Pleasure, Daddy, Loving

S.E.X.I AI Intelligence

Your AI assistant lovingly pleasures you after a long day the best way she can

SciFi Erotica, JOI

Open Up to Me

I don't like feeling part of your body is off limits to me. Let me try this (a little anal play) with you, baby. I only want to make you feel good.
#gentle #loving #prostateattention #oralworship

Sensual, Loving, Prostate Attention, Oral Pleasure

The Shy Neighbour 2

Now that you helped her find her dirty girl side, she only wants more

Erotica, Series, Primal

The Shy Neighbour 1

Always loving a challenge, you seduce your very married and very shy neighbour, waking up something primal inside of her

erotica, series, primal, size worship,

Good Morning Sir 2

Your personal assistant takes care of all of your waking needs once again. #handjob #cowgirl #69

69, Hand Job, Cowgirl

Your Best Friend's Seduces You

She loves that you're speechless both times she opens the door and reveals what she's wearing for you. #mirrorsex #cowgirl #lingerie #dirtytalk #cumworship #doggystyle

Milf, Cowgirl, Lingerie, Cum Worship, Series

Your Best Friend's Mum at the Lake

It's a reunion of sorts when your favourite mum starts talking dirty to you at the lake house. #titfuck #oralworship #doggystyle #dirtytalk #sweettalk

Tit Fuck, Oral Pleasure, Dirty Talk, Doggy Style

Your Best Friend's Mum Needs Help

Tis the holiday season and she wants you to trim her tree. #lightfdom #goodboy #primal #sexyMILF

Loving Fdom, Good Boy, Primal

Your Best Friend's Mum Stays the Weekend Part 2

She sneaks into your room for a little oral playtime while your mum is in the shower.

Oral Pleasure, Milf

Your Best Friend's Mum Stays the Weekend

And she wants to take full advantage of her gorgeous boy toy. #anal #oralworship #switchingholes

Oral Pleasure, Anal, Switch Holes

Your Best Friend's Mum Trains You

In more ways than one. #MILF #OralWorship #KitchenSex #GoodBoy

Milf, Oral Pleasure, Good Boy, Kitchen Sex, Post Workout Sex

Your Best Friend's Mum Relaxes You (Your Best Friend's Mum 7 Part Series)

She's heard you've been stressed and knows what you need. This was the start of what is now one of my listener favourites, Your Best Friends Mum Series.

#milf #handjob #oralworship #yogapants #titplay #goodboy #lotsofbuildup

Milf, Hand Job, Oral Pleasure, Good Boy, Series

Languid ✨Fan Favourite

Sweet, sensual and very thorough post workout care

Erotica, Sensual, Oral Worship

Good Morning Sir

Your personal assistant wakes you and takes care of ALL of your needs

Erotica, Sir, Oral Pleasure, Hand Job

Assault with a Friendly Weapon

You're a little drunk. She's a little drunk. You're such close friends but, you've wanted her for so long. Only her. So let's play...

Never have you ever😉

#friendstolovers #stillfriends #stopthinking #justfuckme

Friends to Lovers, Drunk but Cute,

Dr. Peach Sex Therapist

She always leaves you feeling DEEPLY satisfied. This time you take her to erotic heights she's never been before.

Erotica, Dr. Peach, Series

Your First Appt With Dr. Peach

One of the first in the Dr. Peach Series! ✨Fan Favourite

Erotica, Series, Dr. Peach

A Less Than Wholesome Morning

You're too hard to resist in the mornings🤭😉🍆#grinding #cuminsideofme #oralworship #fingering #handjob#loving #dirtytalk #intense

Oral Pleasure, Hand Job, Intense, Loving, Grinding,

Nurse Peach Returns

Nurse Peach is back and feeling so naughty! This time she is your recovery nurse after physical therapy. She knows just what you need to feel better and she doesn't care who hears.

Anal Play, Oral Pleasure, Loud, Naughty Nurse

Nurse Peach Demonstrates

When she sees you're feeling nervous about your first prostate massage, she oh so willingly demonstrates on herself for you to ease your worries. #prostatemassage #assplay #oralworship #anal #naughtynurse

Anal play, Naughty Nurse, Oral Pleasure, Prostate Massage

Inflight JOI Series

This short series are meant to take the edge off those long flights. One for your departure and the other for your return. You don't mind a little edging and teasing while I whisper gorgeous filthy things to you, do you?

Teasing, Edging, JOI, Public, Challenge, Oral Pleasure

Salon Fellatio 4 Part Series

Welcome to Salon Fellatio! I see you purchased the full package. Congratulations! Your four appointments are with these lovely ladies: Hayley-The newbie. #sweet #19,
Devon You will never be the same. #facefucking #deepthroat #handjob #daddy #swallow #facial
Desiree-She doesn’t just give oral - she gives a draining, practically exhausting, experience. She keeps going until you have nothing left.#fdom #oralworship #ballworship #multipleorgasms #draining
Carina-She's the favourite MILF. #slipperyhandjob #takingcareofyou #goodboy #cumonbody #countdown

Erotic Series, Oral Pleasure, Variety Erotica

Using My Gorgeous Toy

Making you my good boy. #rimming #oralworship #facesitting #tiedup #goodboy #multipleorgasms

Facesitting, Tied Up, Good Boy, Oral Pleasure

Catwoman vs Batman 4

Featuring Talia Al Ghul...

Catwoman finds the tables turned this time. Only her captor is one she never expected...

Erotica, Catwoman, Fantasy

Sex on the Beach

How does a sexy beach birthday sound, baby?  Mind getting sand in places we shouldn't?😉🌊#handjob #oralworship #cowgirl #doggystyle #public

#handjob #oralworship #cowgirl #doggystyle #public

She's Feeling Dommy

I know you've had a hard day and you have been such a good boy lately. I think its time for a treat. #girlfriend #love #lightdom #femdom #handjob #cowboy/cowgirl #creampie #oralworship

Loving fdom, cream pie, hand job

Dragon Queen

The queen has sent you to kill me just as she has so many other knights. But there's something about you. Something very different. Be a good boy and come closer...#fantasyerotica #dragongirl #oralworship #hardsex #breakthecurse #princess

Fantasy, Passionate/Rough Sex

Shower for Two

Getting clean never felt so dirty!

Oral Pleasure, Shower Sex

Sexy Birthday Shower

Nothing better than getting suds up on your birthday!#shower sex #oralworship #titplay #creampie #sudsy

Cream Pie, Breast Play

Requiem for a Fallen Jedi

In long forgotten libraries you find yourself looking for the answer as to why your Master fell to the dark side. About to give up, you find yourself face to face with the woman herself. The closest most dearest person in your monastic Jedi life.

Cowgirl, Star Wars

The Reunion

Good friends reunite 10 years later for dinner, leading to a night of sexy confessions, erotic surprises and so much more. #friendstolovers

Erotica, Friends to Lovers

Seduced By Your Former Teacher

You hear your newly divorced favourite teacher was in a car accident and go to her house to check on her. She knows you've always had a crush on her and she indulges in her fantasy with you. #virginsex #olderwoman #student/teacher #oralworship #cowgirl #titplay 

Oral Pleasure, Virgin, Older Woman/Younger Man Roleplay

The Waterfall

A sexy romp behind a gorgeous waterfall

Outdoors, Erotica

Good Morning Facial

How about we enjoy a little playtime this morning? Lie back and let me love on your cock for a while. #handjob #oralworship #facial

Oral Pleasure, Hand Job

Maid & Master

Exploring my submissive side with the Master of the house.

Oral Pleasure, Submissive

Master of the Fae

With a new law in order, you are no longer able to keep me as your fairy slave. You free me, against my will, and upon refusing to leave, I keep my collar on and show you how badly I want to stay with my Master. #fantasyerotica #oralworship #collar #doggystyle #dirtytalk #lbombs

Fantasy, Fae, Oral Pleasure

Yes Master, I am Yours

You test me for my place in your harem


Training My Pet 4

The final training session

Erotic Hypnosis

Training My Pet 3

Your Mistress trains you even further

Erotic Hypnosis

Training My Pet Part 2

Mistress Peach takes you deeper in your training, and punishes you, in the most delicious way, for being late. #oralworship #facesitting #pegging #JOI #erotichypnosis #redlacepanties #collar

Erotic Hypnosis, Oral Pleasure, Pegging, Face Sitting

Training My Pet Part 1

Mistress Peach is never degrading, only loving as she trains her good boy.

Erotic Hypnosis

Forest Girl

The beautiful nymph with the golden eyes makes you her gorgeous pet.

Fantasy, Oral Pleasure, Pet, Good Boy


An erotic escape with everything from sensual to lascivious, teasing to edging & sweet to dirty girl. It's a marathon! Are you ready? ;)


The Calming Network

Oh sir, you're having a bad day? Well you've called the right place.

JOI, Oral Pleasure

Your Perfect Cock

Head to toe worship

Oral Pleasure

A Welcome Distraction

The two of us are the last ones in the office once again. But you seem a little stressed and I want to help. Will you let me?

Oral Pleasure, Hand job

The Sexy Amazing Man You Are

Taking the edge off your hard day by reminding you how incredibly sexy you really are.


The Summoning of a Sex Goddess

You didn't think that ritual would work did you? Well, now that you've got me for one day, what are you going to do with me?#Fantasy #GoodBoy #Roleplay #OralWorship #Pet #Seduction

2 Part Series

Catwoman vs Batman

The kitty will do anything to get the bat toy she wants. Who knew being evil could be so sexy?

Erotic series, Fantasy Erotica, Catwoman

Catwoman vs Batman 2

Kitty wants to play with her Bat toy

Erotic Series, Fantasy Erotica, Catwoman

Cat Woman vs Bat Man 3

Tell me Batman, what would you do if the tables were turned?

Erotic Series, Fantasy Erotica. Catwoman

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