Personalised, meaning, using your name in.  The intense pleasure of hearing your own name moaned and whimpered heightens the bliss in any aural erotic experience. Your name is used throughout the audio, usually 2-5 times depending on the length of the audio. Selections change monthly.

 You will receive your personal MP3 within 1-3 days.  Requests placed over the weekend will be sent on Mon or Tues of the following week.


Current Selections



All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.***


The Yoga Instructor
During your first yoga class, I see you struggling with the poses.  I offer to give you a private lesson after class to help you learn a few 'new' poses.
25 min. #oralworship #postivebodyimage  #straightsex #monkeypose
Sample The Yoga Instructor.mp3
Happy Birthday to You
Waking you up on your special day in the best way....
Running Time 14 min. #oralworship #cowgirl
Say My Name JOI
Can you make it to the end, doing EVERYTHING your Mistress asks of you? 
#fdom #guidedmasturbation #orgasmdenial #demandingyesmeannever
Running Time 30 min.
Sample Say My Name JOI.mp3
Interview with The Mistress

As I interview you for the personal assistant position, I discover you are far more suited for a very special job.  The job of pleasing me. Good boy. #oralworship #officesex #lightfdom #sensualpet #goodboy

Running Time 35 min.

Sample Intervew With The Mistress.mp3
The Barista
After months of flirting, I finally get to truly service my favourite customer thanks to a bad date.
Running Time 18 min. #oralworshipbothways #stand&carry
Sample The Barista.mp3
You Deserve it JOI/JOE
Reminding you of the sexy pleasure you so deserve from me. #joi 10 min.
Sample You Deserve It.mp3
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Hot for Teacher 1 & 2 
The Shy Neighbour 1 & 2
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NEW! No Thoughts, No Worries...Just Me
A sensual escape to help get you back to sleep.
Running Time 14 min. #oralworship #3DAudio
Sample No Thoughts No Worries Just

More coming soon...



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