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Heighten the experience of your listening pleasure by hearing your name. 

This is something I offer to create a more intimate, more sexy and far more intense

experience for my listener anytime they please in a safe environment. 

It is my members favourite!!

Salon Fellatio Appt One Hayley~She's the youngest here at 19 and today is her first day, is that alright? Perfect. Just be sure to let her know exactly what you like and she will take care of you. She's eager to please! #shygirl #eroticspa #eagertoplease #ditzybutsweet #handjob #licking #oralworship #swallowing 


Salon Fellatio Appt 2 Devon~

When she walks in the room, there’s no doubt that she’s eager to please her ‘daddy’. She wants to prove she’s best around, and will do anything to make sure you know it. Just be sure to give her a good review! #facefucking #deepthroat #handjob #daddy #swallow #facial


Salon Fellatio Appt 3 Desiree~The Diva isn’t to be taken lightly. She doesn’t just give oral - she gives a draining, practically exhausting, experience. She keeps going until you have nothing left. After it’s over, you’ll be too tired to leave--but that’s okay. Her clients are allowed a rest afterward for their own safety. #fdom #hypnosis #technique #oralworship #ballworship #multipleorgasms #draining 


Salon Fellatio Appt 4 Carina~

She’s soothing, she’s caring, and most of all, she's here for you. It’s not just about the physical, but the emotional. It’s what she can tell you. What she can make you feel deep down. With her, you won’t have to worry about a thing--just let mommy take care of you. #milf #slipperyhandjob #takingcareofyou #goodboy #cumonbody #countdown


Personalised Erotica

Buy 3 and get one free!
Full Salon Fellatio Personalised Series $80

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