Personalised Erotica

Personalised options are BACK!

Unfamiliar with what personalised erotica means?

It simply means using your name in an audio that I have created.  Your name is used 2-3 times in each recording to create a more intimate experience and intensely heighten your pleasure.  My patrons LOVE the personalised options on my Patreon and now you can too!

(Looking for CUSTOM EROTICA where I record YOUR fantasy? Please visit this page.

This month's options:

(NEW) Shy Guy: You've been wanting to talk to me at my party all night but was too shy. Don't worry, I have ways of bringing you out of your shyness. #toosexytobeshy #oralworship #fingerfucking #cumonmytits #Ilikeshyguys

 Running Time 18 minutes

Slippery Bath Time JOI: Just because you can't fit in the tub with me doesn't mean we can't have fun. #JOI #titfuck #oralworship

 Running Time 11 minutes

That's What Friends Are For (Married): Your married hot neighbour wants to give you a very special present before you move away. #virgin #analsex #cheating Running Time 22 minutes

(NEW) Breaking The Rules: You are my superior at work and I see that you're under incredible pressure. Our employer has a strict policy on physical contact of an sort and our jobs would both be at risk. But, sometimes, you just have to break the rules...#oralworship #heels #stockings #secretary

Running Time 14 minutes

Your Best Friend's Mum Trains You: In more ways than one.

#kitchensex #MILF #oralworship Running Time 15 minutes