Personalised Erotica

Unfamiliar with what personalised erotica means?

It simply means using your name in an audio that I have created.  Your name is used 2-3 times in each recording to create a more intimate experience and intensely heighten your pleasure.  My patrons LOVE the personalised options on my Patreon and now you can too!

Audios will be sent to email provided during checkout in MP3 format within 5-7 days.

Currently Available

$20 per request

A Sexy Start to a Lazy Weekend~Starts off playful and sensual in bed, just waking up.  Lots of kisses, cock worship, a little anal love and more.  The perfect start to a sexy weekend! 😘

Lunch for You, Dessert for Me~Surprising you at work with your favourite lunch and my favourite dessert. #oralworship #loving #officesex

Take Control Baby~Sometimes I need you to be in charge, right daddy? #roughsex #aftercare #facefuck #primal

Sexy Shy Boy~You rush out of a party after we've been chatting because you're caught up in those negative thoughts of rejection.  Well, sexy shy boy, there's no need to worry with me. #oralworship #improv #friends-ishtolovers #sensual

Full audio (non-personalised) here:


You Know What I Want~Giving me a facial in front of a romantic crackling fire. #oralworship #dirtytalk #lovingyourcock #cumworship

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