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Personalised Erotic Short Stories

Want to heighten the sexiness by hearing your name included in your favourite fantasy of mine? My patrons love that I offer this for them and now you can purchase your own request here. Your name will be included no less than two times (and often more depending on the story) per audio

$35 Per Requested Audio

Clink the title for audio previews

Seduced By Your Former Teacher

Your Ex's Bestie

S.E.X.I 2
 Your Best Friend's Mum Seduces You

Pleasing My Daddy

Soothing You After Your Nightmare

Office Rendezvous

Salon Fellatio~Carina

Salon Fellatio~Devon

Salon Fellatio~Hayley

Salon Fellatio~Desiree

Please Be My Hot Boyfriend Tonight?

I Am Yours...All Yours

and more to choose from on the Personalised Request Form

🍑To purchase a Personalised Audio of Your Choosing:🍑

1. Click the Buy Now button below and submit $35 Payment

2. WAIT to be redirected to the Personalised Audio Request Form to make your selection 😍
and provide the necessary information to send your personalised JuicyPeach Erotica audio.

3. Get ready for your personalised audio (as a Dropbox download link) to arrive within two weeks!❤️🍑❤️

(Your name will be used in the audio of your choosing a minimum of 2-3 times depending on the playing time of the audio you choose. )

*If you have a poor connection and do not get redirected to the Personalised Audio Request Form
within 40 seconds upon completing payment, please contact and we will happily send you the form link directly. 


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