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Summer Commute

By JuicyPeach Erotica

As I hop on the metro, I am in utter disbelief at how packed it is. Summer holidays are infull force it seems. I squeeze my way in, pressing my way through the endless sea of bodies and backpacks to find a corner spot that will fit my small frame. The train lurches forward before I can grab the nearest pole and I end up crashing You with the handsome face and delightful smile. You with the sharp suit. You who smells absolutely delicious. You who wears that oh so shiny wedding ring every single day. The ring that glares at me, Monday through Friday for 44 minutes on the 6:10 train. You whom I have fantasised about on more than one occasion and cum for many times in my head.

I look up at you, my cheeks reddening as I mumble an apology. We have noticed each other over the last year. We have smiled at each other, polite nods and even caught one another staring but have never spoken. In fact, I’ve never heard your voice. Until now:

“I’ve never seen it packed like this. Tuck in here and I’ll protect you from the masses,” you whisper loudly and chuckle in my ear. You lift your arms so I can slide in front of you, and then lower them around me as you grasp the pole with both hands. I am enveloped in your space, your scent. Your warmth. I see the glimmer of that ring teasing me once again and I close my eyes.

Allow yourself the fantasy…

I take a deep breath and settle in to enjoy the next 39 minutes until my stop.

As the train pulls into the next stop, your body presses into me from behind involuntarily. My breath catches and my eyes open wide. I feel a slight twitch from you against my arse. From your cock specifically. I smile inwardly and feel a wave of warmth spread between my thighs. There’s no place for us to move except deeper into our corner as more commuters climb on. When the train takes off again, the velocity forces me into you this time. The unmistakable thickness of your hardened cock nestles firmly against my ass and as the train continues to rock down it’s path, I feel your excitement growing.

I lower my eyes and slowly reach a hand round behind me, sliding my hand under your suit jacket. I grab the length of your shaft through your trousers and give it a gentle squeeze. I turn my head slightly so your mouth is near my ear, just in case you protest. Instead, I am rewarded with a sensual low moan as you push yourself further into my hand.

Mmmmmm…..I am a very happy girl. Purring in fact.

I take that as encouragement, and reach for your zipper. As I lower it, your rigid cock springs forth and I can feel a bit of wetness against my small summer skirt. I giggle softly and then stiffen as I see the woman in front of me turn round. I smile and nod her way, not breathing. She replies with a grunt and turns back around. I sigh with relief and focus on the delicious task at hand. I grasp your length, using my thumb to spread your precum over the tip. I release my grip for a moment and turn my head so you can see my profile, and bring my thumb to my mouth, tasting your sticky saltiness. I moan quietly, savouring you. I hear you gasp sharply as you watch me lick and suck the fluid from my thumb.

Oh! The incredible desire I have to turn around and take you deep in my mouth. The need to taste you, to feel you deep in my throat is overwhelming. With no room to move, I push the thought out of my head and replace my grip on your shaft. Once again I am rewarded with a luscious moan.

I begin to stroking you, reveling in the contrast of the velvet texture of your skin stretched over your incredibly swollen length. You begin to pump yourself into my hand and grip you harder.

I am distracted briefly as I feel fingers playfully grazing the back of my leg, tickling me as they make their way up to my inner thigh and over my bum.

“No knickers….I like that,” you growl in my ear. I bite my bottom lip as I feel your hand slide around to my front. Your index finger finding the button of my clit with targeted precision. I let out a not so quiet whimper, causing heads to turn. We both freeze briefly and I pull my large bag down in front of me to block the view. Although in truth, I could care less. We were in the back, in the corner in a swarm of people on a crowded train.

I feel your finger start to drum my clit forcing all the blood in my body to concentrate on my swollen pearl. I reach in your pants and find your balls, giving them a tug and squeeze. You lurch forward again with a growl, causing a few heads to turn in our direction. The older woman from earlier allowed her gaze to travel from my face and down to my arm, now half hidden behind my back. She gasped, her eyes locking on mine as her mouth pursed into a thin line. I tried to feel shame, to feel embarrassed but I couldn’t. I’m not ashamed. I’m too caught up in the divine feel of your touch, your breath and the feel of that luscious dick in my hand.

Each time the train came to a stop, we would halt our ministrations briefly...and then start again once the train gained speed. We were involuntarily edging each other, and it was truly the sweetest torture.

As the train left the last stop before mine, I knew I had 9 minutes to finish him. And I wanted to make them 9 minutes he would never forget. The train was far less crowded now, but we didn’t dare move regardless of how obvious we looked. We were in too deep, too far…

and it was so so good!

I spread my legs some to steady my stance, and allowed my bag to fall in front of me freeing my other hand. I reach back and begin stroking you with both of my hands now. There’s enough precum now to lube you up nicely, and I work my hands with fervor. I grip you, pull you, jerking you rhythmically. You begin to work your hips faster, your breath rapid through clenched teeth. You slide a finger and then two inside of me from the front, your palm working my clit as you being to fuck my pussy. I can barely stand, and I close my eyes, lower my head to steady myself as I feel my orgasm start to build swiftly.

I feel you tug on my skirt, lifting it from behind. Your grip on me tightens, your fingers working my cunt at a maddening pace as my juices spill down my thighs.I pant and stifle a moan, biting my lip to the point I think it may bleed in effort stay quiet as I cum. I hear you growl and grunt inwardly as the heat of of your succulent seed spills all over my ass.

I collapse back into you, trying to quickly catch my breath but not wanting to enter reality just yet.

I looked at the digital display: two minutes to my stop.


We both straighten up, you pulling back from me to tuck yourself back in, zipping up. I turn to face you but I’m not certain of what to say…in fact, I don’t want to say anything. What DO you say? Thank you? Words would only ruin this I feel but I do smile. In fact, I’m quite sure I’m grinning from ear to ear.

I’m all too aware of your cum now starting to trickle down my arse. I reach back, and scoop some of the still warm cream on my fingers. Your eyes watch my fingers as I wrap my lips around them, sliding them in my mouth with a soft moan to have a taste of the true you.

Mmmmmm…..I knew you would taste delicious.

Your eyes widen for a second, and you reach your hand under my skirt once more. I feel two fingers delve between my glistening pussy lips and scoop some of my own nectar. You then copy me, sliding your two fingers in your mouth as you taste my sweetness, eyes locked on mine. We both start to giggle and then drop our hands as we pull into my stop.

I take in your handsome face, only lifting my hand briefly to caress your cheek. Perhaps to make certain this wasn’t a dream. I stand up on my tip toes and give you a sweet kiss and then turn to make my way off the train.

As I start to walk away, I can feel your eyes on me. Watching me as you’ve done many times before. Only this time, I truly fight the urge to turn around as I don’t want anything to break this spell. And then one thought creeps in….just one. And no, it’s not about his ring.

Same time tomorrow?

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All Rights Reserved

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