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💖Member Exclusives This Month💖

Assault With a Friendly Weapon~Stop overthinking it and just kiss me already #FriendstoLovers #alittledrunk #alotofsexy
Only Good Boys Get Blowjobs~The world thinks we hate each other. If only they knew. #enemieswithbenefits #superherovsvillain #oralworship #satisfiedswallow
Just Because~Seducing you simply for the fun of it #longday #sexysurprise #girlfriend/wife
Yes, Master...I Am Yours~Proving my place in the harem #ownme #rough #lovingit #squealsandmoans #spanking
SweetWhispers: Midnight Snacks~Needy girlfriend sleeping over #soooomanykisses #sensualnoterotic
SweetWhispers: November Affirmations~Raising Your Vibration to stop negative thought patterns and help you attract what you really want in your life